Payment & Contracts

Gasoline or Diesel Pre-Buy Program

Secure the rate on your fuel purchases during the volatile driving and farming season. You can pre-buy gasoline or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (Dyed or Clear). A minimum purchase of 250 gallons of fuel is required. Contracts typically run from April until September. You can schedule a bulk delivery or fuel-up at our Chippewa Falls station 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Propane Level Pay Program

Make even, monthly payments with a fixed rate and never worry about large bills. We electronically transfer your funds on the 10th day of every month, so you gain the convenience of not having to write a check or pay postage. Protect yourself from the volatile winter prices without having to pay the lump sum of our Pre-buy program.

Propane Pre-Buy Program

Lock your price on propane this heating season. A minimum purchase of 250 gallons of propane is required. We can review your account to determine your typical usage during this time period and recommend the number of gallons you need to purchase. Additional gallons needed above the pre-bought amount will be billed at the prevailing market rate. Contracts are good until April 30 or until the pre-buy gallons have been used up, whichever comes first.

Payment Options

Payment is due 30 days from delivery. Besides mailing a check, we offer the following payment methods:

Automatic Payment— Enjoy the convenience of electronic funds transfer. On the same day each month, your payment will be automatically transferred from your bank account to ours.

Cash on Delivery— Paying cash up-front is certainly always an option. If this is the payment option for you, just contact us prior to delivery.

Budget Plan

Make level payments each month by starting your summer with a full tank and spreading your purchases over the entire year. You can work this bill into your monthly budget and not worry about high winter bills. To sign-up for the budget plan, you must have approved credit.