Fuels for Western Wisconsin

Regular and Premium Gasoline

Get up to 3% better gas mileage with our ethanol free, 100% pure unleaded gasoline. Pure gasoline will give you three percent better gas mileage compared to a blend with ten percent ethanol. Pure unleaded gasoline is recommended for smaller engines such as your lawn mower, boat, motorcycle, and snowmobile.

We offer regular 87 octane at our Chippewa Falls fuel station. You can also order bulk deliveries of regular 87 octane or premium 91 octane to your home, business, farm, or construction site.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel: Clear and Dyed

Reduce emissions with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires diesel-powered vehicles produced in 2007 and later to use Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel only. Undyed diesel is higher-taxed fuel used for over-the-road vehicles.

Diesel that is dyed is not taxed. Red dye indicates the fuel is used for home heating or farming. Blue die is added to diesel fuel used by government vehicles.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

DEF is an emissions control liquid required by modern diesel engines. It is injected into the exhaust stream (not added to the fuel). DEF converts nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and oxygen; thereby, helping the environment by reducing harmful emissions in the air.

Racing Methanol

Gain more torque, horsepower, and engine life with Pro Comp racing methanol than with any other industrial-grade or off-spec methanol with a guaranteed 99.99% purity level. Whether you use methanol for Drag racing, Indy or cart racing, make Pro Comp racing methanol your first choice.

Quality Fuels is the exclusive Pro Comp methanol dealer for western Wisconsin.

VP Racing Fuel

VP’s technological developments set them apart from every other racing fuel manufacturer. With a primary focus on octane, burning speed, energy value, and cooling effect, VP Racing Fuels is truly the leader in racing fuels.