About Us

Quality Propane and Quality Fuels started as two separate, locally owned companies that provided a similar service and shared resources.

ThompsonGas, headquartered in Frederick Maryland, acquired Quality Propane in September 2019. ThompsonGas is proud to welcome Quality Propane’s customers to the ThompsonGas family, and is committed to serving the residential, commercial, and industrial customers who have valued Quality Propane’s presence in the area for over 20 plus years.

You will receive a competitive rate on our fuel and services due to our strong focus on efficiency. Plus, you benefit from the latest technology to keep your family safe and cut energy costs.

Whether you’re a small farm or a large manufacturing facility, we are backed by an outstanding team and modern equipment that can handle your fuel needs. You can be assured that your propane and other fuel deliveries will be cost effective, safe, and reliable.

Modern Equipment and Facilities

The most up-to-date equipment allows us to be extremely efficient and serve you better. All of our employees receive continuous training on the latest safety, usage, and efficiency information. Our facilities are modern, clean, and environmentally friendly.

Impeccable Customer Service

We are committed to providing superior customer service to every customer whether you are heating a single home or large warehouse. The relationships you develop with our drivers, office staff, and management will give you the confidence you have chosen a solid, reputable fuel supplier.

Certified Drivers and Tank Installers

Our delivery drivers and tank installers are courteous and professional. They have all received commercial drivers licenses with hazardous material endorsements. They have all undergone training and are certified by the National Propane Gas Association.