Fuel Oils

Fuel Oil #1 fuel is normally used in vaporizing type burners; #2 is used for domestic heating; #3 and #4 are used in industrial furnaces.

Your fuel oil can be delivered on an automatic or a will-call basis. With our automatic service, our computers monitor your fuel oil usage and automatically schedule deliveries. It will save you time and ensure that you never run out of fuel. If you prefer to monitor your fuel usage yourself and specify specific delivery amounts, you can also call to schedule a delivery.

K-1 Kerosine

K-1 kerosene is available in bulk at our main office in Chippewa Falls. All you need to do is bring in the containers you would like filled, and we’ll fill them for you on-the-spot.

Oil Tank Additives

Prevent heat loss in the winter with fuel oil additives for above-ground, outdoor oil tanks.

Lower the temperature at which the heating oil forms wax or jell by adding a pour point depressant.

Remove small amounts of water from the oil by adding a chemical, typically alcohol. Fuel additives help break-up sludge which tends to clog the lines.

Remember, no additive is going to remove large amounts of water. If you have inches of water present, call us and we can pump the excess water out. Also, oil additives that break-up sludge might clog the oil filter with the debris that is being freed in the lines. If you have any concerns, please contact us.