Primary Service Area Outlined in Blue, we service 15 counties in Wisconsin.

Expanded Service Area If you are not in our primary service area but live within this circle, you still may be able to receive service.

Emergency Deliveries

If you have an emergency and need fuel right away, we can usually accommodate. If your fuel tank is completely empty, we require a safety test be performed before it can be refilled. These emergency deliveries and safety tests may be subject to additional charges.

High Volume Deliveries

Transport loads are available for deliveries that exceed 4,500 gallons of fuel or 9,000 gallons of propane. Delivery is direct to your location, with no stops along the way. Quantity discounts are also available.

Call to Schedule Deliveries

When your fuel tank reads between 20 and 30 percent, it’s time to call us for a refill. We ask for three to five days, but can often schedule it sooner if there is a driver already in your area.

How to read a gauge on a propane tank:

Reading your propane gas gauge is simple to do. The gauge is located under the cap at the top of the tank. The numbers on the gauge represent a percentage. The pointer in the middle of the gauge points to one of those numbers.

Your propane tank is considered to be full at 80% allowing for the expansion of the propane vapor. We recommend that you call us when your gauge reads 30% so that there is ample propane for you to use before we arrive.

Automatic, Dependable Scheduled Deliveries

Save time with scheduled deliveries. Use technology to determine when a refill is needed based on your usage history.

Convenient –There’s no need to call when you need a propane or fuel refill. However, we do ask you call us if you planning significant changes in usage such as an expansion or additional equipment.

Dependable – There’s no need to worry about running out of propane or fuel oil in bad weather. Our system monitors your fuel consumption and alerts us if there are large changes.

This plan is free for customers with good payment history and only available if your tank is readily accessible.