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Originally a lumber town, and then a railroad town, Chippewa Falls is a town that keeps changing with the times in order to become northwest Wisconsin’s hidden gem. 

As the lumber industry began to die down, the town found itself at a crossroads, and with the help of a group known as the Progressive League, Chippewa Falls kept growing into what it is today. There’s plenty of things to do in Chippewa Falls; from fine dining on the waterfront and nights in cozy cottages, to local coffeehouses and lakeside activities. Chippewa Falls keeps finding new ways to encourage visitors to keep coming back, and if not for all its amenities, then it’s certainty for the town’s undeniable charm. 

For many households in Chippewa Falls, propane is the cornerstone of home comfort. From heating homes during the frigid winters to powering water heaters and cooking appliances, propane ensures that families stay warm, cozy, and well-fed year-round. Its efficiency and affordability make it a preferred choice for residents seeking a dependable energy source that meets their needs without breaking the bank.

Local businesses in Chippewa Falls also rely on propane to power their operations across various sectors. Restaurants and eateries sizzle with the aroma of grilled delights cooked on propane-fueled appliances, while manufacturing facilities and warehouses utilize propane for heating and powering machinery. The versatility of propane extends to agricultural applications as well, with farms utilizing it for crop drying, greenhouse heating, and powering equipment, contributing to the region’s agricultural productivity.

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